About Our Products

All of our designs are crafted using high quality Oracal 651 vinyl. This vinyl has an 6+ year outdoor durability, and 10+ years indoor durability. For optimal longevity, we only recommend hand washing glassware vinyl items in warm water and mild dish soap. They are not microwave safe. Vinyl decals used on cars may break down faster if the driver makes frequent use of high water pressure car washes. Any of our etched pieces are completely dishwasher and microwave safe. Wall art should be cleaned as necessary with mild cleaner and lightly wiped down. Heavy scrubbing will cause damage to the design.
All of our designs are vectored and edited using leading graphic software for a clean look. Our cutting machines then process the designs. Lastly, we hand-adhere and seal all vinyl art onto the glassware.
We occasionally create decor pieces that don't involve vinyl. Any special handling instructions for these will be on the product page for that piece.